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Latest news - August 2021

Since the update of February 2021, we have been working behind the scenes to make the website suitable for the coming years. Although nothing or few changes can be seen from the outside, the entire technical infrastructure has been completely changed and certainly also improved. It therefore offers a platform for the coming years.

Venray, Maasbree and Heythuysen have been added to the Minute Plans theme. The number of cadastral municipalities that is visible is therefore 62.

When you open the theme Minute Plans, you will notice that 'AEZEL enclaves' are visible on the map in Brabant and just across the border in Belgium. In Brabant and Belgium, AEZEL volunteers are also working on introducing minute plans, OATs and even PKLs. In order to offer this small group an affordable platform, we offered to include their data in our server as a test. Now you can also see Heesch, Nistelrode-Vorstenbosch and the center of Maaseik on the minute card.

Since mid-June 2021, AEZEL has also been equipped to record prayer cards. The Heemkundevereniging Helden collection of more than 24,000 items has now been introduced. You can find these by selecting 'Death' and the subtype 'Prayer card' when searching for Persons. Of course, the scans of the prayer cards are also included.

Since August 2021, every user who is a member of the AEZEL project and therefore has an e-mail address can create their own story and immediately see what it will look like. The story is released and put on the website via an email to a publicist. A manual has been added. If you are already an AEZEL volunteer, but you do not yet have an AEZEL address, please contact If you want to become an AEZEL volunteer and thus contribute to the preservation of our Limburg heritage, there are opportunities for everyone. See the description elsewhere on our website, where you can also learn how to sign up.

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On October 10, 2020, the first version of was presented to the general public. Hundreds of volunteers have entered millions of genealogical and cadastral data, which are bundled in this website. You can read the developments since then below.

Latest News - February 2021