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The first version of was presented to the general public on 10 October 2020. Hundreds of volunteers have entered millions of genealogical and cadastral data, which are bundled in this website. The Province of Limburg has expressed its appreciation for AEZEL and even nominated AEZEL for the national heritage volunteer prize! The webinar that preceded this go-live with an explanation of AEZEL can still be viewed via this link. You can go straight to the start of the webinar by moving the dot to 5.30 minutes.

We are very happy with the February 2021 update from AEZEL, which we can now show you. The following improvements have been made.

Of course we are not there yet. We foresee that during the year:

We have also started the 'archive brigade project', a collaboration between the LGGI and the archives, which aims to scan all church registers (and eventually the civil status registers) and link them to datasets already entered. A first step that has been taken together with the RHCL is to make a complete basic list of the registers with location and a division of tasks and agreements regarding the approach.

Your comments, additions and corrections about this new version are more than welcome and can be submitted on any page via the yellow button "Report".