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Latest news - October 2022


The AEZEL website has been updated to version 1.17.6. In addition to solving a number of bugs, there are a number of extensions and new functionalities.

New: Collections

The most important innovation is the possibility that local history associations and other heritage organisations, as well as individuals, can place stories and collections on the AEZEL website under the Heritage theme at no cost. This is not only possible for text and excel files, for example, but also audio, photo, film, book, magazine and museum collections can be recorded! They remain the property of the person posting. 

You can search in Collections and Stories by filtering on keywords or words from the title and the abbreviated description. They can also easily be made visible on the topographical map. A clear manual is available.

Take a look at the sample collections. This includes the film collection from Roermond and a sample of what the residential history projects in Roermond and Sittard can yield.

Adaption and extensions

Archive Latest News

On October 10, 2020, the first version of was presented to the general public. Hundreds of volunteers have entered millions of genealogical and cadastral data, which are bundled in this website. You can read the developments since then below.

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