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Everything in AEZEL.EU starts with authentic and traceable data.

Under ‘Sources’ all possible authentic materials can be found. Very often these are scans of the records held in public archives within Limburg, or files from societies or private collections. Not only on paper, but also audio- and video files are valid sources, Furthermore sources from the Belgian and German border towns can be found. These are scans of the copies made of the original documents kept in the countries of origin, but which have been stored for many years in the Sittard-Geleen Archive De Domijnen.

By selecting the Netherlands as ‘country’ you can also search the former Cadastral Local Government, or City Councils - or look at the current Municipaltiy under “Municipality’. If you are not sure under which name former towns or villages can be found, the ‘Limburgse gehuchtenlijst’ a placename register for the smaller villages or hamlets could be helpful. Although it may be a little outdated since the last mergers of governing bodies it should still be able to provide most answers. By typing in ‘place’ ; Amstenrade, for example and by entering ‘overlijden’ (death) at ‘description’, all the registers of deaths of the village Amstenrade can be viewed, namely those of the General Register Office (Burgerlijke Stand) and parish.

Do you know an exact date or only the year of, for example, the birth of Fani Horn in Sittard on (January 7) 1837. Then click at "place" Sittard and at description "burgerlijke stand” (General Register Office). Click on the relevant register, and a window will open with a description of the source and a button "view scans" at the top left. You can browse and download these scans.

If you only search via "Sittard" and "1837", you will find all registers in that year, including the cadastral register.

In fact this part of the site is actually not intended for this type of search query. Genealogical facts should be searched for under the button ‘People’.  In fact this is the ‘back office’ of the data system (you are looking at now.) 

If you spot a mistake or encounter an error please report this via the Report button in the top right hand corner. Please check the FAQ before sending a report to see if there is a plausible reason for your findings.