Air Guard Post Stramproy

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In the years 1950 - 1966, an air watch post was a lookout post, which was used in the Netherlands by the Korps Luchtwachtdienst (KLD) to search the airspace of the Netherlands for Russian aircraft in the context of the Cold War.
They were part of a network of 276 lookouts spread across the Netherlands. There were 138 posts on existing buildings, such as on mills and factories, and 138 freestanding towers built specifically for this purpose in the 1950s.

The air watchtowers were part of a network of lookouts that was set up in our country between 1950 and 1955 during the Cold War to be able to signal low-flying aircraft. The Korps Luchtwachtdienst (KLD), established in 1950, was given the task of 'observing enemy aircraft by means of lookouts and listening posts and in this way providing data necessary to combat enemy air raids and to protect their own troops and the population. to be able to warn in good time of approaching air danger'.
It concerned sight (viewers) and hearing signalling, reporting and tracking of low-flying enemy aircraft that flew over below the then radar range of less than 900 metres.
These posts were manned by civilian volunteers.
Three or sometimes four observation posts formed a circle. In this way, the position of an aircraft could be determined as accurately as possible using triangulation measurements. The posts passed on their reports to a regional hotline, the air watch center, of which there were eight. These air guard centers processed the data from the air guard centers and reported to the central organization: Sector Operations Center of the Air Defense Command, which took action if necessary (deployment of combat aircraft, anti-aircraft artillery and warning of the Protection Population (BB)).
In Stramproy there was an air guard post, which was installed on top of the dairy. This air watch post was part of group 8 (Air watch center Eindhoven). With Heythuysen and Linne, the air patrol was part of the circle L.

The volunteers of Stramproy were

from left to right : Mischel Keijers, Theu Steijvers, Frans Heijmans, Corporaal Cornet (air watch officer), Harrie Rademaekers, Jan Veltmans, Theu Nielissen and Harrie Rademaekers
Not in the photo, but volunteers; Sjaak van de Berk, Jo van de Berk, Broer van de Berk, Theu Wetemans, Theu Creemers and Wiel Jacobs

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Foundation local committee for Heemkunde Stramproy

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