Reporting data errors 

We would like to present our data as correct as possible! Therefore on every page and with every selection or filter there is the possibility to report errors via the yellow button "Report"! Please indicate as detailed as possible what kind of error has been found and what the suggested improvement is, including the appendix of the sources upon which you are relying. The data that is visible is automatically sent. Every three months, approx. a new update will be issued whereby the data (if found necessary and feasable) will be improved, corrected and updated. Before submitting a report, please check the FAQ, sometimes there is a logical explanation for what you would like to report or is already a known and given fact.


LGGI board
Cor Snoeijs, chairman
Geert van der Varst, vice-chairman
Mrs. Corry de Koster, secretary
Tom Geuns, treasurer
Harrie Bär, member

Contact about administrative matters, vacancies and reports about data
Mrs. Corry de Koster
Bieslanderweg 98
6213 AM Maastricht

Contact about financial matters
Mr. Tom Geuns

Contact about projects and technology
Mr. Harrie Bär

Mr. Peer Boselie


AEZEL is divided in 6 regions. 

Region Heerlen

South-East Limburg

Region Maastricht/Heuvelland

South-West Limburg

Region Sittard-Geleen

Middle Limburg

Region Roermond

Middle Limburg, East of the river Maas

Regio Weert

Middle Limburg, West of the river Maas

Regio Venlo/Venray/Peel en Maas

Northern Limburg

Contact points at archives
The archives have contact points for each region who can answer your questions or forward them to coordinators, project leaders or the central organization of AEZEL.

Region Heerlen:

Ruud Straatman, 

Region Maastricht/Heuvelland:

Ruud Straatman, 

Region Sittard-Geleen:

Peer Boselie,

Region Roermond:

Saskia Mouchart,

Regin Weert:

Jac Lemmens,

Region Venlo/Venray/Peel en Maas

Jos Peeters, (Venlo)
Paul van Meegeren, (Venray)
Peter Peeters,  (Peel en Maas)